Monday, 21 May 2007

Last Week (14th to 20th May)

A busy week started with me looking at trying to hide my excitement at the prospect of being able to play the slightly changed Final Fantasy Tactics on the PSP, especially as the release date for Europe is the same as in the US, unprecedented by Square-Enix (for us anyway).

I then made a huge comeback in Puzzle Quest to win by just 2 HP and I started to hear rumours of a second game from the ICO team.

This week's releases left very little to the imagination (note that a few PC games were also released this week but I didn't spot them from my usual channels). The sequel to a JRPG series was announced for Europe by Koei and I couldn't garner much excitement...

It was Sony's Gamers Day in America and one of my most wanted games, Jeanne D'Arc for the PSP, came out into the open and a new trailer was released, pushing my excitement (and a few others) up a bit more. I also had a look at Shadow Hearts 3 which is released this Friday, and mulled over what I wanted to play this weekend (which in the end was: FF12, Puzzle Quest, Nintendo Wii (for the day) and LocoRoco). All that and I still had time to mention that Final Fantasy VI finally had an official European release date!

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