Friday, 18 May 2007

Watch List: Shadow Hearts: From The New World

Every Friday, I look at one of the games on the Watch List, the list of games that you should be keeping your eye on for news and reviews.

Name: Shadow Hearts: From The New World

Format: Playstation 2

Website: Official site

What is it?

This is the third in the Shadow Hearts series which has been well received amongst the JRPG people wanting something different. The highlight of this game is the Judgement Ring. In the ring, there are several segments where you have to press the button. Time it well and you attack the enemy. The better you time it, the more damage you do. If you time it wrongly, then you lose the chance to attack.

The game is also strangely (for a JRPG) set in New York where the main character is a young detective. The cast of characters are said to be very fun but the game has had it's criticisms, especially from those who love Shadow Hearts, and in particular, Covenant.

The game is due for release on the 25th May 2007 and can be found for just £17.99 on Be aware though that some sites have reported FTNW to be very short, reportedly clocking in at 25 hours.

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