Thursday, 11 October 2007

This week's UK releases (12th to 18th October)

Every Thursday, I report on what is being released this week on all consoles. Releases are subject to last minute delays, changes and postal strikes.

NBA Live 08

XBOX 360
Crash of the Titans
Project Gotham Racing 4
Spiderman - Friend or Foe

Crash of the Titans
Spiderman - Friend or Foe

Crash of the Titans
NHL 08
Spiderman - Friend or Foe

Heroes V - Tribes of the East Expansion Pack
Race 07
Rail Simulator
Sid Meiers Civilisation 4 Complete
Spiderman - Friend or Foe

Chronos Twins
Dogz 2
Dolphin Island
Donkey Kong Jungle Climber
Fashion Designer
Pet Vet
Pippa Funnell 2 - Farm Adventures
Real Football
Spiderman - Friend or Foe

Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron

Source: Eurogamer forums

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

PS3 ICO game revealed? [Update 1: Rumour smashed]

Take with your daily pinch of salt. Actually, make that the whole shaker. A load of details on Team ICO's new project were revealed on NeoGAF and have apparantly been taken from GameInformer's next issue. What the rumour says is that the game (titled The Last Canyon) will be set in a desert and that players will control the protagonist who uses a glider to explore canyons for "something". Kind of what Nausicaa did in the critically acclaimed Studio Ghibli film, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

The rumour has been debunked by a few on NeoGAF and some people have their doubts. We'll know if it's true or not when the next issue of GameInformer hits the US in a few days time.

Source: NeoGAF

Others reporting: IGN

Update: Seems this isn't in the latest issue of Game Informer after all (and one of the Game Informer guys on the GAF forum said so too) so this is now being labelled as false.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Rolling to your mobile

Loco Roco is one of the more well known PSP games. It's got a version on the PS3, strangely labelled as an interactive screensaver. It's also captured the imagination of Progressive Media and Eidos. They've created Sola Rola for the humble mobile phone. You roll a blob/ball from one side of the level to the other, avoiding radioactive goo. Sound like Loco Roco? Yes, I thought so too, but it's looking superb, evidenced by Pocket Gamer's perfect score for the title in it's review.

Keith Stuart from the Guardian Gamesblog has also sang out about how good the game is and has pointed me to a demo.

Basically, it's brilliant. Three short levels but it gives a tone of the game that means it's not going to take itself seriously. All the better I say!

Sola Rola demo (Requires Java)

Source: Guardian Gamesblog

Monday, 8 October 2007

FFXII: Revenant Wings gets European nod

Unlike Level 5's Jeanne d'Arc, one game that will be arriving in Europe will be the Final Fantasy XII spin-off, Revenant Wings for the DS. The game is a real-time strategy game, set one year after the original ends and is the first in the company's Ivalice Alliance (the second being Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions). Square-Enix confirmed that the game will be arriving in gamers hands early 2008. When exactly is not known but it's a start. Now, about Subarashiki Kono Sekai...

Source: Eurogamer

Etrian Odyssey sequel revealed

Another late news item is the annoucement of the sequel to DS RPG Etrian Odyssey. The first game saw the player making their own maps as they explored vast dungeons. Each movement would trigger movements from enemies, making combat and movement essentially turn-based.

Source: NeoGAF

Yggdra Union remake for the PSP

This (OK, last week's) Famitsu saw the first signs of a remake of GBA RPG Yggdra Union on the PSP. The game itself is made by the same people who made the promising but technically flawed Riviera: The Promised Land. Here's hoping that the technical issues found in Riviera can be ironed out for this remake (not due until 2008).

Source: NeoGAF

Last week (1st to 7th October)

Not much happening this week. Just the standard weekly UK releases, a trailer for ASH (Archaic Sealed Heat), and the hugely disappointing news that Jeanne d'Arc will never see the light of day in Europe. Boo...

My Riviera review has also been changed to reflect the Eurogamer review I posted up on Tuesday.