Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Rolling to your mobile

Loco Roco is one of the more well known PSP games. It's got a version on the PS3, strangely labelled as an interactive screensaver. It's also captured the imagination of Progressive Media and Eidos. They've created Sola Rola for the humble mobile phone. You roll a blob/ball from one side of the level to the other, avoiding radioactive goo. Sound like Loco Roco? Yes, I thought so too, but it's looking superb, evidenced by Pocket Gamer's perfect score for the title in it's review.

Keith Stuart from the Guardian Gamesblog has also sang out about how good the game is and has pointed me to a demo.

Basically, it's brilliant. Three short levels but it gives a tone of the game that means it's not going to take itself seriously. All the better I say!

Sola Rola demo (Requires Java)

Source: Guardian Gamesblog

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