Sunday, 11 March 2012

What I've been playing - Since the last time...

Oops, I completely forgot to update the blog recently. Mainly because of other factors (like not actually playing many games recently) but here I am with an attempt to try and remember what has actually happened since my last post...

Quite a lot if all's said. With the Playstation Vita launch, I purchased Super Stardust Delta and Escape Plan. I also had to purchase Hustle Kings because I had a £5 pre-order voucher that I simply forgot to use for either of the other 2 games! I also bought Malicious amongst other PSN and Steam games.

Playstation Vita
In general, I've had a very good time with it over the past few weeks. Everybody's Golf has been my main game with the odd flirt with Frobisher Says and Super Stardust Delta. I'm close to hitting my first ever platinum trophy for a retail game in Everybody's Golf with only one trophy to go. I may review the Vita at some point in the next few days - but don't hold your breath based on past experience :)

Final Fantasy XIII-2
Started and completed the main game (though at double the time that other players have completed it in). Lots still to do before the next bit of story DLC arrives but in general, a massive improvement over Final Fantasy XIII with more side-quests and more stuff to do. I spent far too much time at the Chocobo Races and just fooling around in general.

Dissidia duodecim Final Fantasy
Finally completed everything that is reasonably possible in the game (ignoring the shop). I really hope it never ever comes back with another consecutive day system...

Other News
OK, I'll admit I didn't realise Gravity Rush wasn't going to arrive at the Vita launch but we do finally have a release date for the game. That date is Friday 15th June 2012. While the wait continues, you can grab a downloadable version of the promotional video (previously seen on 27th January 2012) and put it on the PS Vita to show off the screen :). Also worth looking at is Rainbow Moon. A PSN Strategy RPG which looks to have the grid-based gameplay of other great strategy RPG games like Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea. The game is set to launch in June 2012.