Saturday, 5 May 2007

Proposed Structure

The proposed structure for each week:

Review of the previous week

Possible revisions of the Most Wanted List and tidbits on the games in the list

My game reviews (every 2 weeks or I'll be out by next year...)

European release date information (if available, via Eurogamer's forum)

Weekend Gaming and an item from the Watch List (if not already covered by the Most Wanted List)

As big game news floods through the blogosphere, I will post it up when I'm available. Send your suggestions to my hotmail or gmail address.

White Knight Story Trailer

This is the only trailer that currently exists for this game on the PS3. See what you think of White Knight Story (also known as Shirokishi), Level 5's first shot on the PS3.

What the hell are those games?

Been looking at the new lists? Want to know more? Some descriptions of the games currently on the Most Wanted list!

Rogue Galaxy - 8th June

Level 5's latest RPG and the last (well I'm assuming anyway, wouldn't make sense to me otherwise) on the PS2. This game boasts near zero loading times and is a stunning looking game. Level 5 has proven itself to be one of the best RPG players in Japan with games like Dark Chronicle and it has even been responsible for the superb graphics in Dragon Quest. This game has been eagerly awaited by RPG fans despite the less than stellar reviews. The wait is almost over. Just one month to go...

Odin Sphere - Not planned in Europe (Japan and US: May)

This stunning 2D Action-RPG has bloggers in the US frothing at the mouth and has received a lot of praise, and it's not even out! This would be a superb game to come to Europe but the chances are slim...

Final Fantasy Tactics - No planned date yet

A remake of the original FFT game on the PS1 which was critically acclaimed and criminally not released in Europe. The game is a turn based strategy game that will receive new cut-scenes and extra jobs.

With the PSP being region-free for UMD games, even if this doesn't get released in Europe, you can still buy it from the US so Europe, one way or another, will finally get a chance to play the game that FF fans loved.

Whatever the Ico team come up with - Just announce the name, geez!

It's fair to say that this is a game that will sell PS3's, despite the fact that Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are not the most commercially successful games in Sony's repertoire. Chances are, it will be a corker.

Final Fantasy XIII - Sometime in 2010 probably

Do I need to explain? The trailer from the Tokyo Game Show was enough to make the jaws drop. Square-Enix, the RPG giants are releasing things little by little and it's getting very annoying. It keeps the suspense up at least. The Square-Enix party on 12th May (my birthday, Eurovision Song Contest, you know, boring day ;-) ) could reveal some surprises so stay tuned!

Everybody's Golf 5 - Demo in Japan PSN, expected 2008

One of my favourite series of all time. I liked EG1 on the PS1 (as I remember it now, the rough moved :-) ) but it wasn't till EG2 that I really started to like it. Then, EG3 came and it's one of the easiest games to play but so difficult to get right. EG4 on the PSP is gaming crack and by that point, I had fallen madly in love with the series. I'll be getting Everybody's Tennis soon but I await EG5 just so I can play online. I won't be off the console for ages :p.

Brave Story - US, September

I don't know a lot about this PSP RPG but from what I can gather, it's based on an anime. The graphics are stunning and the gameplay looks solid although I haven't seen it's full array of different qualities yet.

Another import title as this has very little chance of being released in Europe.

Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria - September 2007

This is the sequel to Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. Yet it's actually a prequel. Confused? This 2D RPG meets platformer from Square-Enix looks like another stunner with a different style compared to other games. You only need to look at the trailers to realise how good this looks.

Jeanne D'Arc - US, September

A PSP game from Level 5 based on Joan of Arc in the history books. This is a turn based strategy game that looks very good and has been on my list for ages (because it's Level 5). Keep an eye out for it

White Knight Story - Unknown

Very little is known about this game, Level 5's first foray into the PS3. The first trailer was shown at the Tokyo Game Show 2006 but since then, it's gone very quiet...

As I get games or even better ones show up, you will see the list change and when a new one pops up, I will post a small post on why it's on the list!

Friday, 4 May 2007

Odin Sphere Trailer

Odin Sphere is another PS2 RPG but this one isn't heading to Europe - at least not yet...

Apologies for the problems with the trailer. I've managed to find a YouTube video of the same trailer. That said, the GameTrailers link is much better quality. Either way, have a look!

Gametrailers link

Gaming this weekend

Every Friday, we'll have this feature to allow you and others to discuss what you'll be playing over the weekend, or just to informally chat about games not covered here.

This weekend, I'll be looking to play Puzzle Quest and continue Final Fantasy 12. However, I still have a few hurdles to clear as my cousin's computer needs sorting out and it's going to be painful. Thank goodness it's a bank holiday weekend!

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Valkyrie Profile 2 Trailer

This is Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria on the PS2. This game is due in Europe around September!


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