Friday, 10 October 2008

Team ICO missing from TGS (again)

After Nobi Nobi Boy, now the most disappointing news of the show. Team ICO weren't present. Again. VideoGaming247 broke the news as a rumour but with the press days of the show over and just the consumer days remaining, there's almost no chance it will be appearing, despite Sony telling us it was coming "soon" a few months ago.

An interview by Eurogamer with Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida failed to get any concrete information apart from the fact that they he is in contact with the team. It looks like another year will pass with nothing more than a chain going down a well...

Nobi Nobi Boy - what have they done to you?!

Almost taking the top spot for disappointment at TGS 2008 was the first trailer for Nobi Nobi Boy. It looked just bizarre and nothing like it's 3D form when it was first unveiled. Hopefully there's been some kind of mistake, or the creator is just teasing us again...

Trailers for Level 5's Ninokuni, Ushiro and Cardboard Senki

Level 5 were at TGS 2008 to show off their newly announced handheld RPG's and the press received a DVD with trailers for each game (and more) as well as a look back at the last 10 years, including Professor Layton and the Curious Village, Jeanne d'Arc and Dark Chronicle. Obviously it wasn't long before those trailers got onto the net so here are the trailers for the 3 new games.


Ushiro (user movie):

Cardboard (or Danbol) Senki (user movie):

Source: Joystiq

LocoRoco 2 delight Europe this year, Patapon 2 do the same next year

From no information, to huge blow outs at the Tokyo Game Show 2008, we got a release window for Europe for both games.

The sequel to the original game for the PSP will be released in Europe in November. That's (wait for it) at least a week before Japan! The new game features slightly fewer levels than the original game, but our bouncing multicoloured friends can now swim and meet more strange creatures. There will also be a few more mini-games, including a multiplayer game where the object is to force your opponents onto the spikes, separating them and eating them. Meanies!

It was slightly less good news for Patapon 2, but the confirmation is still there. Patapon 2: Donchaka will be released early next year (possibly February as a guess). The new game continues in the same fashion as the original and also includes a multiplayer aspect. It looks to revolve around the players teaming up to kill a monster and then to open an egg to claim the prize. Japan will be getting this on November 27th for those keeping up. You can visit the new website - complete with new music - right now which also includes 2 new trailers under the "Special" section.

Update: MCV UK has detailed the release list for Sony in Q4 and LocoRoco 2 will be released on 21st November 2008.

Source: SCEE PressCentre (Loco Roco 2), SCEE PressCentre (Patapon 2), MCV UK