Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Patapon confirmed for Europe - and with the special demo too

Well, after a lot of bitterness and anger over the demo fiasco, all those worries have fizzed away, along with the news of Patapon's release in Europe. Patapon will be released in Europe on the 22nd February 2008 (that's just a few days before the US gets it) and SCEE gave us an extra surprise by telling us that the demo of the game, featuring a rare weapon that can be brought to the full game, will be released on the PSP Store the day before!

So, the only gripe is that we're getting charged over the top for it, and it's not available to pre-order in many places. Don't let that stop you getting the free demo at least though!

Source: Eurogamer (demo), Eurogamer (release date)

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Trailer: SMT: Persona 3 coming to UK at the end of February

Koei has announced that the dark RPG, Persona 3 will be coming to the UK on February 29th 2008. The PS2 game is a stand-alone part of the Shin Megami Tensei series of games and no previous knowledge is required to play, which is good news for me...

Despite recent problems with other controversial games, the press have thankfully missed this RPG's controversial Evoker weapon, which you use to shoot yourself in the head to bring out Personas to help you in battle. The game is based on you doing well in your school (yes, school) studies to increase your abilities during the day and fighting at night when the monsters come to play.

Here's a trailer for you to see the game in action (Not for the younger viewers!):

Source: Eurogamer

Last Week (21st to 27th January)

Two major stories brushed the news this week with the first "hint" of the 3rd game from Team ICO finally revealed. Hopefully there will be more information next month. Also, it was announced that my most anticipated release for the year, Patapon, will be retailing for $19.99 on release. Sadly, it looks like that Europeans will be charged the full price for the game as well as missing out on an exclusive item in the UMD demo.

Update: Sony confirms that the demo of Patapon will be on the PSP Store - and will include the same demo save to full game feature!