Monday, 26 November 2007

Last week (19th to 25th November)

It's been a huge week around here but thankfully, the weekly update will squeeze all the week's news into 1 story.

First of all, I'd like to personally welcome Alex Rowe who will be (and already is) helping me out on the blog. Alex is the leading person from the Team ICO Gamers group and to have him contribute around here is very welcome.

Also, I forgot to put in the previous "Last Week" story so there is a story that need to be rounded up. Not important but it was the UK's release list between 15th October and 21st October.

To this week now and boy did we have a lot to get through! I missed a lot of stories during my time off so I briefly covered them on Monday. I also provided details on how to play the Japanese demo of "For a Hero, You're Pretty Impudent". There was also a good trailer of Operation: Darkness for the XBox360.

There was some brief news about a new RPG called Fragile, coming to the Wii and showed off by Famitsu. There was also the shock news that the PSP Store for PCs had launched, followed up by sales figures for Super Mario Galaxy. I followed up on the PSP Store launch with my first impressions of beats which was a game that was relatively unknown in gaming circles and is one which I did like.

Following on there were releases for the week as normal with quite a few big hitters this week (possibly the last week of big shots this year). I spotted a gameplay training video of Valkyrie of the Battlefield, which won't make much sense unless you're fluent in Japanese. I then found out that I was neglecting the weekend posts so I thought I'd make one, detailing my plans for the weekend. (and they were not as accurate as I thought they would be).

Even after that though there was still plenty to get through, with the classic Sega Saturn game NiGHTS getting a re-release for the PS2 (unlikely for Europe but we'll see), and the first trailer for Fading Shadows on the PSP which I criminally forgot to report on in my round-up! I also posted up a video of Nobi Nobi Boy, which had been doing the rounds online for a while.

I had overlooked a decent trailer for Valkyrie Profile 2 on release, so better late than never, I found the European launch trailer which includes quite a lot of what the game is about. Then, I spotted a new DS RPG called Steal Princess, of which I have absolutely no idea about (except that it includes a fairy and female character with an eye-patch). I also spotted a possible release date for Patapon in Europe, which confirms other sources. Finally, I finished writing up a review of the superb LocoRoco on the PSP.

Phew, I'm beat!

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