Friday, 23 November 2007

Ivolgamus release trailer for Fading Shadows

Fading Shadows is a puzzle-platformer game for PSP that sees the player guide an orb through levels by controlling a beam of light. This orb contains the soul of a young boy, and it is the player's job to rescue the boy by safely leading the orb to the Castle of Heaven.

There are 40 levels in total, and the difficulty level is perfectly balanced so that right when things start getting too familiar, another challenging element is thrown into the mix. Controlling the beam of light requires the player to master a uniquely original gameplay mechanic as the beam can be widened or narrowed for different effects, and the orb can be transformed into glass, wood and metal to surmount various obstacles.

In a sense, the beam acts like a magnet for the orb and the narrower the beam, the stronger the gravitational pull. Whether the orb is made of metal, wood or glass will also affect how the beam interacts with the orb. If the beam is too strong, wood will burn and glass will break. Yet these more fragile states are needed as puzzles require the player to activate underwater switches or float across rivers – metal just isn't suited to water and will quickly rust upon contact.

The in-game graphics are incredibly detailed and immersive as each level offers the player an enthralling new environment to explore with plenty of obstacles to overcome. Even once you've finished the game, the fun doesn't stop. A fast-paced and exciting multiplayer mode lets you test your skills against friends wirelessly.

Fading Shadows is scheduled for a February 2008 release.

The trailer can be downloaded at Ivolgamus' website.

[Update: The trailer has been uploaded by Gametrailers. Best quality you'll probably see!]

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HiddenAway said...

Now that was a surprise. Didn't see a video coming so soon. Good find!