Monday, 19 November 2007

For a Hero, you're Pretty Impudent: Free demo

Well, it's better than remembering the Japanese name isn't it? Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaiki da, or FAHYPI for ultimate shorthand is a game where you play as the villian and you have to kill the good guys that come after you. I've been fooling around with the game thanks to this free demo, and it's been a surreal experience so far. Loads of green blobs and skeleton warrior guard dogs/humans. Worth keeping an eye on as we approach the game's release.

Instructions for the demo:

Firmware required: 3.72


Menu screen

x - cancel
square/circle - select option

From left to right

1. Play (Training and actual gameplay)
2. Monster inventory?
3. Options (BGM and SE)

In game

circle - speed up text
x - skip speaking person
square - hit block/object
triangle - zoom out
select - monsters on field
start - pause
L - see character/current pickaxe position

How to play

In the training levels, you need to crush the blocks to reveal the amount of "blobs" required (shown at the bottom) within the time. The monsters get harder to find and the blobs do wonderful things when they hit a block (tip: look for white).

In the main demo levels, you have to build up your army of bad guys and beat up the good guy that comes after you.

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