Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Most Wanted: Jeanne D'Arc

Every Tuesday, I look at a game on my Most Wanted list and discuss why I want it so much as well as some details from the game.

Name: Jeanne D'Arc

Release Date: August 2007 (America), unlikely for European release

Format: PSP

Developer: Level 5


Official Japanese site
Official US site

What is it?

A strategy RPG loosely based on the story of Joan of Arc (otherwise known as Jeanne D'Arc) and her struggles against the English occupation of France

Why is it on the list?

The PSP had been getting a lot of flak for just having ports of games but this is one of the many unique games for the Playstation Portable that are around. The graphics look good and despite it's distance from reality (dragons?!) the game is certainly interesting. The nice anime style graphics will appeal to Disgaea fans while they wait eagerly for the PSP version to come out. This game is already out in Japan but is getting some good press in the US.

Despite the European ties, this game doesn't look likely to come into Europe. If the situation changes, well all the better.

"Fight for France!"

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