Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Most Wanted: Rogue Galaxy

Every Tuesday, I look at a game on my Most Wanted list and discuss why I want it so much as well as some details from the game.

Name: Rogue Galaxy

Release Date: June 2007

Format: Playstation 2

Developer: Level 5

Websites: US official website

What is it?

This is an RPG from the newish but very impressive Level 5 of Japan. It's an Action-Adventure RPG with a real-time battle system and superb looking cel-shaded graphics. All this and a lack of loading times to boot. The game centres on Jaster, who one day dreams of becoming a sky-pirate. In RPG land, that means it probably happens then right? You bet! Not the way he intended though as really he is just mistaken for a legendary hunter...

Why is it on the list?

I've been waiting for this game for what seems like an eternity. Dark Cloud, Dark Chronicle, Dragon Quest are all games that Level 5 have had a hand in and Dark Chronicle is one of my favourite games. The cel-shaded graphics really appeal to me and they shine through the game and with a lot of side-quests to do and even added bonuses from the original Japanese version, June can't come soon enough...

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