Saturday, 12 January 2013

Backlog Busting: Gravity Rush (Part 1)

Spoiler Alert!

To try and describe what I've been playing, I may be using story references, some of which you may not have been through yet. Therefore, if you're sensitive to spoilers in the game, do not read ahead!

This post covers Gravity Rush (Vita) where I started at episode 5 up to the end of episode 6.

OK, it's been a long time since I started Gravity Rush but as far as I remember, the first few chapters just introduced me to the main bad guy and a normal mix-up between good person and the rest of the Auldnoir public. Typical.

So, after a bit of a memory refresh, I went straight into mission 5 and it was clear that I still didn't have a grip on the controls as I was all over the place (surprisingly, I hadn't managed to go out of the boundary yet). After forcefully dragging a man to a tunnel to look for his son, and a chase sequence that reminded me that I didn't remember the dodge function, the mission was done. Swiftly following on, I found my first "invisible" traveller and then after a quick natter to the locals, went straight to the next mission location. Err hold on, is that what usually happens?!

After finding my second "invisible" traveller, beating the boss and going through the story sections, I went off for a bit of exploring and a quick attempt at my first sliding mission - which didn't go according to plan...

I'll be continuing to play after this but here's where the blog post ends ;). Especially as I just found out that I've been playing my sister's file - oops.

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