Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Europe welcomes Persona 3 Festival

Yes, the news came as a surprise to many and the delight to others who thought that the PS2's twilight years in Europe would not see the expansion of the original Persona 3. Yes, you read that headline correctly. Persona 3 FES will be coming to Europe on 17th October 2008.

The announcement was made through Koei's message boards and the many European fans of the original Persona 3 (including myself) squealed in delight. The new version of the game adds bonus features to the original game, additional personas, a weapon creation feature, the ability to change the characters clothing and a 30 hour add-on in which you can gain more of an insight into the game.

The game also allows you to carry over your current save file from the original P3 into FES. The pre-order price is too good to miss as well with many online retailers starting at £17.99. Don't miss it!

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