Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Holy moly! Okami for the Wii! [Update 1: Rumour confirmed]

The rumours keep surfacing, then dying, then surfacing again. This time though, these guys seem very sure of it. Yes, the sublime Okami is being ported over to the Nintendo Wii from the Playstation 2. Personally, the idea of it is a bit off to me. Okami was brilliant enough on the PS2 but for the Wii?

If it's confirmed, I might just buy it anyway. The game is good enough to get a second chance...

Source: Wiiz

Update: Holy cow! The rumours were true! The game was announced in London and confirmed by Eurogamer. Initial release date of 2008. Let's just hope Capcom don't mess this up.

Update source: Eurogamer

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