Monday, 24 September 2007

Last Week (17th to 23rd September)

It was a week full of Tokyo Game Show news as Japan's annual game fest got under way. Famitsu was in fine form, revealing a massive load of news.

First of all was the surprising news that Eternal Sonata was being released on the Playstation 3, after initially being shown as an XBox360 exclusive title. The good news for the PS3 continued with the announcement that Steambot Chronicles 2 was heading to the PS3, with a portable version also announced for the PSP.

The PSP then got another few bits of good news as Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions was given release dates for Europe and America, with Europe getting it first on October 5th (unless you order online in the UK, in which case you'll get it on the 12th or there abouts because of postal strikes :-( ). Even better news was the news that Everybody's Golf will be getting a full sequel on the PSP (none of that silly GPS stuff). This new version will boast full online play for 16 players and will be in Japan in December, with a European and American release sometime in 2008.

Then I posted a trailer of Fire Emblem for the Wii which looks impressive. Worth looking out for. Oh, speaking of looks, the blog has a new look now. This new wider look allows me to post those Gametrailer videos much more easily. The Team ICO Gamers blog was also made to capture all the latest news for Team ICO's next game and beyond. Finally, Blue Dragon has been rumoured to be made for the DS (though many say it's a card based game).

Tokyo Game Show trailers are listed here.

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