Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Weak weeks for games

Oh dear. The last few weeks for the games industry have been, well, horrid.

It all started on a news light Sunday when Manchester Cathedral officials accused Sony of using the church in the PS3 shooter, Resistance: Fall of Man, without their express permission (which they say wouldn't have been given).

Sony have since apologised but have kept quiet on whether the game will be pulled.

Then, as you probably read in the papers, Manhunt 2 was rejected for a rating by the BBFC, effectively banning the game from being sold in the UK, earning the accolade of being the first game to be banned here in 10 years (Carmageddon being the last in 1997, which was allowed after an appeal). This was swiftly followed by an Adults Only rating in the US, meaning that most stores will not stock the game. The developers are now wondering how they're going to get out of the hole they just dug. The sales of this game will be pitiful if countries keep banning the game from sale or keeping it out of stockists. Have they courted controversy too much?

Just to make things even worse, on the same day, it was found that another game was pulled from the shelves. Law and Order: Double or Nothing was pulled after it was found that the game contained a CCTV image of James Bulger being taken away by his killers in Liverpool back in 1993. I can understand this decision. I have just one question though. This game was released in 2003.

Why hasn't anyone noticed it until now?!

As I said, a very bleak couple of weeks for the games industry. I hate to say it, but what else could possibly go wrong?!

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