Friday, 1 June 2007

Watch List: Subarashiki Kono Sekai (It's A Wonderful World)

Every Friday, I look at one of the games on the Watch List, the list of games that you should be keeping your eye on for news and reviews.

Name: Subarashiki Kono Sekai (It's A Wonderful World)

Format: Nintendo DS

Website: Official site (Japanese)

What is it?

Good question. Square-Enix definately wanted something different this time! Well first of all, the big non-news of the day. It's an RPG. Now, the story goes that you play a 15 year old kid who loves music and graffiti who suddenly finds himself in Shibuya (a fashion and hip-hop centre in Japan in real-life). His existence is on the line and the only way to save himself is to survive 7 days in the area, while playing games set by grim reapers.

In game Shibuya is modelled to the real life Shibuya, with name changes for copyright issues. Combat promises to be fast paced and unlike Square-Enix with their usual turn based affairs.

The game does look strange but I'm willing to give it a chance, if only to show all the doubters of Square-Enix to see what they can do.

This is released in Japan on 27th July 2007. Here's a trailer for you to look at. It's better than explaining right?

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